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The "Prime Gun" was developed for all those people who would have a difficult time operating a traditional pellet or BB gun.

 As conventional firearms come under political attack, air guns and gas powered guns are gaining in popularity.

In typical pellet rifles and handguns, BB rifles or handguns, the power to propel the pellet or BB is derived from a method of using compressed air.

 “Spring” operated guns typically require a lot of force to cock the gun, and it can jump violently when fired. “Spring” guns can be dangerous cocking and loading.

“Compressing” air guns. The action of pumping an air gun can take a lot of time and effort to gain enough power to be effective. “Compressing” guns can be dangerous by catching fingers in the pumping mechanism.

“Gas” operated guns. The tanks need to be refilled or replaced. The ambient temperature can adversely affect performance. Tanks for “gas” guns can be bulky and heavy, which can make the performance of the gun awkward. Installing, removing and filling air tanks can be hazardous


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