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Press Release: Develops a New Category

of Non-Powder Guns.

             Chris McAninch, of Grimes, Iowa, and owner of, is proud to announce the arrival of the “Prime Gun”. It is not a firearm, it is not an air gun, it is the Prime Gun. 

               has displayed our wares at a number of gun shows at the fairgrounds in Des Moines. As we moved into the air gun market, it was plain to see that something was missing. Air guns have become more powerful, but some of our clients could not physically operate them. They also complained that the faster air guns were too heavy to use comfortably.

             I decided there has to be a better way and I’m going to find it. Being familiar with both the firearm and air gun industry, and also having a mechanical background, helped me to merge two industries into a product that will no doubt revolutionize the non-powder gun world.

                  When I started this project, I was going to be satisfied with speeds of 500 feet per second. Through development, my invention reached speeds that far exceed the fastest air guns in the market, which retail for $800 and up. Not only can we beat them at the speed game, but we can do it for a fraction of their retail price. Using our “Patent Pending” method and apparatus of placing a shock-sensitive primer behind a pellet or BB, one could make the world’s smallest and fastest non-powder gun.

             The firearms industry knows about triggers, firing pins, and high pressure barrels. They know how to manufacture firearms, but they don’t have the tooling to make barrels for air guns.  The air gun industry knows how to make a pellet fly with air pressure, but does not have the technology to activate a primer cap. As the Prime Gun is a new category, both industries could begin manufacturing quickly.

    has worked with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms along with Senator Grassley's office to no avail. The BATF mistakenly wants to rule the "Prime Gun as a firearm. Please write your Congressman at We are also working a number of avenues to manufacture or license our patent pending rights. We hope to see this in the market place in less than a year due to its ease of manufacturing. For more information visit grants right to any publisher to use the above press release as long as it is not altered and is notified by publisher of publish date, and location of the above article.

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