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Using our "Patented" method and apparatus of placing a primer behind a pellet or BB.  The "Prime Gun" has eliminated most conventional air gun problems. 

Finally a fast, powerful, lightweight, easy to use firearm alternative. The "Prime Gun" is economical to buy and shoot. The bang is an extra thrill at no extra charge!

It's not an Air Gun. It's not a Firearm.

See the 9 shot revolving rifle PrimeGun

at SHOT Show in Vegas January 22nd-25th 2019 in the Handi-Racker Booth 3761


Front breech for Primer.

Break barrel for Pellet

Pete Brownell.

At home on his range with the "Prime Gun"

Pete Brownell

4 of 5 in target on windy day at 50 yds.

.177 double breech in front of banner.

Earl the Tree Rat.

Tree tops are no longer safe with the "Prime Gun" around.

Closer look at a patent pending "Prime Gun"

1 Shot,1 Kill

This rabbit was a victim of bad timing! I had just completed fabrication when he made a wrong turn. I love rabbit stew!

Pete Brownell

Rock Steady with the "Prime Gun"

No its not a "Prime Gun" Sure is big though.

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